Is Eggware food safe?  

Yes, absolutely.

What is Eggware made of?  

High quality earthenware clay.  It has been fired to nearly 2000 degrees twice.  

Is it OK to put my Eggware in the dishwashwer?  

Yes, the top rack is recommended when possible. Avoid heated dry setting if possible.


Gentle warming in the oven and/or microwave is OK.   I do not recommend cooking/baking. Avoid extreme change in temperature, as in very cold to very hot.

What are the small marks on the bottom of my piece?  

The marks are the contact points where a stilt is used so the glazed piece does not touch the kiln shelf. They are inconsequential and do not affect the integrity of your piece.

What if I would like to order a large quantity of a particular item?

Please email to discuss availability and time frame.