Eggware Collection

Clean lines. Delicious color. My Eggware Collection began in 2000 and continues to grow! These pieces have been enjoyed daily for many years and are now moving on to the next generation. Just like visiting with an old friend. Comfortable and satisfying.

Are you ready to begin your Eggware experience? Select your shape, choose your color, then anticipate something wonderfully hand-crafted…. just for you!


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Imagine the simplicity of the Eggware Collection with a bit of artwork. Sgraffito carving and pencil scribbling allow endless opportunity for detail.…and a lot of fun.

This Collection is coming to the site soon.

Rock Bowls

Large rocks are used as forms for these one-of-a-kind functional art pieces.  Striking color combinations and simple artwork enhance these unique vessels. Visually exquisite, they are food safe and ready for light-duty use.

This Collection is coming to the site soon.

Fresh Bakes

You may like to see what’s new as it comes out of the kiln. Get them while they’re hot!

Coming soon.